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"There is nothing so far removed from us to be beyond our reach, or so far hidden that we cannot discover it." René Descartes
Sep 17 '14

Next time you get a “tumblr/facebook questionnaire” asking you to work out your porn star name or something, remember this…



Your mother’s maiden name, the name of your first pet, your birthday and the first street you grew up on are usually the same fields used for password security reset questions

Stay Frosty

Fuck y’all. Good looking out

Sep 13 '14

Zoe Saldana photographed for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, September 2012

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Sep 13 '14

@prattprattpratt: The name’s Douchemaster McChest And this is my first headshot. You’re welcome. #throwbackthursday circa 2000 

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Sep 9 '14


Imaginary Forces - Manhattan from Imaginary Forces on Vimeo.

Directors Dan Gregoras and Jeremy Cox explore the careful art of bomb-making and social planning in this main title sequence for WGN’s Manhattan. Set in Los Alamos in 1943, Manhattan chronicles the lives and families of the scientists building the world’s deadliest weapon, and exposes a world full of secrets and consequences.

Designed & Produced by: Imaginary Forces (IF)
IF Creative Director: Dan Gregoras
IF Art Director: Jeremy Cox
IF Executive Producer: Gabriel Marquez
IF Producer: Jon Hassell
IF Designer: Griffin Frazen
IF Animator: Sekani Solomon
IF Cel Animator: Peter Ahern
IF Editor: Karl Amdal
IF Additional Design: Audrey Davis, Tim Haldeen

Sep 9 '14
The way he smiled.
Sep 9 '14
And then the archangel showed a vision... a city lighter than air.

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Sep 6 '14

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Sep 6 '14

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Sep 6 '14
Sep 6 '14


The way you say woman sounds like it’s supposed to be an insult.  Just means I get the pleasure of showing you just how wrong you are.  (the ladies of the walking dead kicking serious ass in no sanctuary)

Sep 6 '14

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Sep 6 '14

Have fun, be yourself, enjoy life and stay positive.

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Sep 6 '14

Helena Bonham Carter for Vanity Fair (2014) 

Helena Bonham Carter for Vanity Fair (2014) 

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Sep 6 '14
Sep 6 '14


petition for joss whedon to create a parks and rec styled avengers movie. 

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